The Smiling Girl

“Do you love her ? ”

“ Hell nooooo ” , he answered with a laugh .

“ Do you love him ? ” , I asked her .

“ A loooottt ” . Her expression in eyes were describing her happiness more than her words .

“ And ? ” , I added the next question .

“ After our college , we are getting married . ”

I was stunned . I had no words . I didn’t know that how to say  the reality to her . Whatever dreams she is waiting for , thats not gonna come ever . I tried to speak but couldn’t also i tried to whisper in her ears but I didn’t . I failed to tell her that how dark her future is going to be .

Days passed . One day I came to know that she was admitted in hospital . She was under depression . It didn’t take much time for me to understand that why was she under depression . And her friends ? No one was there for her . Every single person in her group was knowing the reality and future but none of them told her . Her parents thought that the depression was because of studies .

After few days I saw her in College and she was like nobody and I tried to interact with her but no response .

After few days I messaged her and she replied . We started messaging each other and started talking on phone too . I said her about her friends gang that each of them were knowing everything about her . She got shocked . Slowly slowly I was trying to make her realise that time had passed and she should move .

Everyone forgets the things as time passes but you need a better situation . When you find a better person , a better way then forgetting past becomes easy for you . Sometimes you can win a fight with a smile and trying to forget your worst nightmare is a fight . If you keep smiling in every situation then there will be nothing which can make you cry .

I did nothing, but  just talked with her to feel her comfortable . After a few days she was the same girl Whom I saw down the library . When you feel yourself down or lonely , just talk to someone and keep smiling .

“ Time Heals Everything , Just Give Time SOMETIME ”

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The Girl in Library

As I saw her , she was sitting on the corner table of the library with face down . She was crying .

Drawing Of A Girl Crying Anime Girl Crying Crying Face And Anime Girls On Pinterest

When I saw her for the first time , she was standing outside the library holding mobile phone in her hand and I was going to my class after my breakfast . That picture of her got set in my mind like a permanent flash . Whenever her name used to come in front of me the same first pic flash everytime .


Slowly slowly I came to know about her timings of class and food . I could see her daily after class , in canteen or in library or while going for food . Most of the time she used to be surrounded with her friends who were just more then a counting . It was really hard to decide that were they really friends or just gatherings . I too heard many things about her from other boys . Some were saying that she was in relationship and some were saying that she just got a lot of friends . Two years passed . Now I was in third year of my engineering . By that time I saw her with one guy often so I guessed  that might be they were in relationship . They both were working for a social organization  as well . Many times I noticed that when they were sitting together in canteen or library , the girl remained silent and sad . As the day were passing , the sadness on her face was noticeable . After few days I was shocked to see the guy sitting in canteen at same place but with some other girl and the same time I saw her walking alone on road towards canteen with a face looking down as she didn’t want to face or see anyone . I thought , how easy it became to end a relationship and friendship now a days .

“What are you thinking ?” , my friend shouted and I came back out of my flashback memory . Today she was looking more pretty . I saw her smiling like I never saw her before .

th (1).jpg

Inside my mind I was comparing the three faces – today’s smiling face , girl standing silently in front of library and the girl I saw in library .

Along with this many questions came in my find that i want to share ,

Is the relationship stands just for timepass ?

Are we forgetting the values of feelings , tears and emotions ?

If someone is precious for us when we met them then how they become waste in few days ?

If a person cheated someone , will he not cheat the next one ?

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